Cladding Systems

Brick Slip Insulated Rainscreen

The system that has seen the largest growth in the last decade on both commercial and residential projects.

Brick slips dry fixed A1 fire rated rails and bracket systems can be installed to most substrates be it SFS metal sections, timber frame, lightweight blockwork, concrete or even existing brickwork.

Rainscreen systems are accepted as a cost-effective means of producing a beautiful exterior that is safe in the event of fire, money saving, and environmentally friendly in comparison to today’s alternatives providing peace of mind without costing extra or compromising design.

Bonded insulated Brick Slip Wall

The original brick slip system that lends itself more to tiling than brickwork More often Insulation is mechanically fixed to the substrate and brick slips are fixed by means of adhesive in a brick tile fashion. Requiring a little bit more skill than the rainscreen this system provides all the same advantages and can if required be used without the insulation if thickness is an issue. This is most commonly in the instance of upgrading an existing building exterior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is brick cladding?

There are many forms of brick cladding whether it be premade panels installed on site or a site installed system usually utilising brackets and rails to carry the slips which are then pointed with mortar to finalise the installation. Such systems can be found here and are ever growing in popularity as they allow end users to have a traditional brick appearance with all the benefits that come from such an elegant durable exterior combined with a modern energy efficient insulated exterior that minimises heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. All combined with a cost-effective lightweight system.


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