Adhesives & Pointing Mortars

We have a range of brick slip adhesives and brick pointing mortars to suit every application, here we will try and help you make the correct choice:

Brick Slip Adhesives

One of the most basic questions we are asked is “how do I stick them to them to the wall” and choosing the right brick slip adhesive can be difficult if you have not installed brick slips before.

Adhesive is the most important part of your installation as it will ensure stability and longevity. Traditional brick walls are constructed using a sand and cement mortar this is not recommended for brick slips.

When fixing to a solid substrate or insulation a polymer enhanced cement-based adhesive is recommended for examples see here Link often as strong as epoxy you will find these adhesives easy to use and they provide that essential initial grab.

When fixing to a steel tracking board as with a system such as wallclad a chemical polymer based hybrid adhesive such as sika MSP-950 should be used.

Extreme Power Grab Adhesives

This is identified as a hybrid polymer adhesive, it is in cartridge form and will suit almost all application both interior and outside, other than direct heat. Best suited to flat, even surface and performs quite on wet surfaces. So swift, clean and easy to use.

Non-slip Brick Slip Adhesives

High performance brick slip adhesive in 20kg bags. Very easy to use, just add water, mix thoroughly and apply. Better when all surfaces are dry.

Brick Pointing Mortar

A high performance, cement-based brick slip mortar in 20kg bags that only needs mixing with water. Ideal for internal and external use with 5 colour alternatives. All can be applied with trowel and pointing gun, ideal for the desired finish.


We have three separate Pointing Mortars for you to choose from. A regular Sand & Cement Bricklaying Mortar, an Off-white Pointing Mortar and a more hidden Grey Ponting Mortar. All can be used with a tool or with one of our pointing guns and should be taken simply to achieve the look you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much adhesive do I need?

In almost every instance of fixing brick slips by direct bonding with bagged adhesives you will require 4-6kg per m2. Bags are typically 20Kg so a bag will typically cover 3.5m2– 4m2

2. Can you use tile adhesive on brick slips?

Yes when working on an internal wall a flexible cement based adhesive can be used the manufacturer of your chosen brick slips can advise further. It should be noted this is not advised for use on external systems where specially enhanced adhesives are recommended.


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