Facing Brick

Facing bricks, as the name suggests, are produced to be used as facing, i.e. as the outside of the wall. These bricks are changed from other structural brickwork and carry a pretty clean and even appearance.

Following their primary use is to get the look of the building beautiful and comfortable, facing bricks are made of different kind of materials.

Types Of Facing Bricks

Facing bricks are ready in various designs, options varying from classical to modern style, colours and textures. These bricks are customizable based on the user’s terms.

Extruded Bricks

It also knows as wire-cut bricks are almost a modern type of facing brick that has displayed very successfully over the past few decades. They tend to be more uniform in shape and size than handmade soft mud bricks.

Extruded bricks come in a variety of textures like roller textures, sanded, texture, rustication, drag wired textures and even glazes.

Water struck Bricks

Water struck bricks are manufactured using the traditional process with a touch of modern architecture. This category of bricks has a different texture because of the method of water in the frame and demoulding process.

Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks are essentially made to give an enhanced technical performance. This variety of facing bricks are used more extra for their physical characteristics rather than an aesthetic look. High compressive power and low water absorption are two of the major qualities of these bricks.

It comes usually in smooth red colour although blue engineering bricks are also widely possible.

What Facing Bricks Can Be Used For

  • Cavity walls
  • Design of aesthetically appealing exterior walls
  • Decorative Interior Walls
  • Fireplace
  • Garder Walls
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