Brick Slips

Brick slips are small sections of original bricks that provide the same look as traditional brickwork which are commonly used to replicate the look of a conventional brick wall in both internal and external applications.

They offer a flexible way to get the style you want and can be fitted to a range of surface as a quick, easy and cost-effective way to create an actual brick finish that offers low maintenance and long term stability.

The performance advantages of brick slips are related to those of brick - a breathable, non-combustible, strong, recyclable and energy-efficient material. No other cladding solution offers this mixture of beauty and practicality.

Brick Slip Cladding

Other frequently applications for brick slips are as finishes for external wall insulation.

Much like regular slip bricks, the units can be bonded to the substrate or provided as pre-insulated cladding panels.

These methods are incredibly handy for upgrading solid wall perspective, this yet again helps to preserve a traditional brickwork appearance.

For new commercial properties, if architects and designs are looking to imitate a traditional masonry appearance, insulated slip brick cladding is a fantastic solution.

This type of cladding can help to reduce wall thickness compared to conventional brickwork, thereby increasing the amount of available internet floor space.

Brick Slip Wall

Choosing out the perfect product for your brick slip feature wall can be a bit unusual. There are so many different bricks to choose from and here at Eccobricks.co.uk, we want to help you with your choice.

Certain textures and colours can transform your space. Your brick slip feature wall will make your room look and suggest an escape from truth.

Below you will find any creative inspirational ideas that will help you to convert your living space!

Brick Slip Feature Wall

Make your favourite room stand out by introducing our brick slips. The unique texture of real clay brickwork will create a relaxing and natural texture.

Colour plays a large part, for example, a light buff brick slip that is not too bright or rude creates a peaceful atmosphere. If this is what you are running to achieve, we would definitely recommend from our range of brick slip.

Brick Slip Tiles

Here at Eccobricks.co.uk, we are known for producing quality real clay brick tiles. Our products are engineered and cut from real clay and real handmade Brick tiles.

The main reason for using our brick wall effect tiles or slips as they are more commonly known is to create a surface that looks like it has been built but instead has been clad.

Brick slips are used for flexibility and speed and as well as aesthetics. Our products can be placed just like any other tile product. The brick slips can be used inside or externally to create any brick wall effect you desire.

One of the key plus points about brick slips is that you can install these yourself, you do not need an expensive builder or skilled tradesmen. This product is an extremely DIY family. We can start a full installation guide and providing the guide is followed installing your brick slips wall should be a breeze.

Handmade Brick Slip

It is produced in the same manner practised for thousands of years. A handmade brick slip shows the character that can be lost when machines do the work that a person would traditionally perform due to the fact each hand maker is different and has its own somewhat different technique.

If a brick slip is handmade it’ll have a number of modification, sometimes crisp and well-formed within the frame and sometimes small so. The edges and face will have folds and creases developed when the person touches the wet clay and throws the clay into the sand-covered frame.

Brick Slip Adhesives

One of the most basic questions we learn is “how do I stick them to them to the wall” and keeping the right brick slip adhesive can be difficult if you have not installed brick slips before.

Once you understand what your substrate is made of you will then be ready to decide what type of adhesive you can use.

Although from a design point of view this may be the case, from an installation point of view it is certainly not.

Adhesive is the most important part of your installation.

The adhesive will ensure that your installation is solid and without compromise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are brick slips?

Brick slips are specially manufactured tiles, which when installed have the appearance, colour and texture of a real clay brick wall. Giving the appearance of real bricks.

2. How much do brick slips cost?

Costs may vary according to the type of products.

3. Are brick slips expensive?

The costs of Brick Slips are usually a little higher than a conventional brick wall because they are purpose made.

4. What is the difference between brick slips and brick tiles?

Brick tiles come in a variety of style, meaning that you'll be able to create almost any look and feel the comfort of your home. Whereas brick slips are made from thin cuts of bricks for interior and exterior walls.

5. How to install brick slips?

To install Brick Slips, you will need adhesive, spacers and pointing gun.

6. How to install internal brick slips?

Once you position your Brick Slips with the help of spacers and adhesive, you will then leave it to dry, along with the help of a pointing gun you will inject your choice of colour Pointing mortar in between the Brick Slips.

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